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*Courtesy of: 1stwebdesigner

This blog is for anyone and everyone who has a victim story (e.g., has suffered some kind of personal trauma or loss) to tell and wants to share it publicly, here, anonymously. It was created as another path to self-healing. It is not a place to wallow in self pity! It is also NOT a place to give and/or receive advice, no matter how well intended.

It is my hope that you will contribute** and participate and benefit from this blog. You will be able to post your own stories* as well as comment on the victim stories of others, politely and obeying the guidelines of ‘netiquette’.

You may also contact me directly with comments and suggestions for improvements for this blog along the way as it grows. Your feedback is most welcome here: djrfla@gmail.com.

I look forward to your participation here and the benefit all will get from your contributions.

For more details, see ‘About’ this blog.

Be well,
Your Host, Daniel

**Since this is a blog, not a Wiki, if you want to contribute your own stories (I hope you will), then you must send me an e-mail request (djrfla@gmail.com) and I will make you a ‘contributor’. Then you will be able to ‘post’ as well as ‘comment.  I really do want you to become a contributor, for that is the primary purpose of this site, to share our victim stories.


Posted February 20, 2012 by djrnfla

4 responses to “Welcome to ‘Our Victim Stories’

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  1. I love it.. This is so well put together.

  2. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement for this project.

  3. I like the new picture you’ve put on this page. Obviously, the tree is a survivor: it did not get cut down when all the other trees did. But my eye was drawn to the bird atop the tree. I think the bird is a survivor, too, because it found shelter in an otherwise hostile environment. There are all kinds of survival.

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