When I Got Fired as Maitre De at Rene’s Supper Club   1 comment

I was just doing my job…

As the maitre de/host at a night club that offered good music and dancing, my job was to make sure the customers were taken care of, handle reservations and special seating arrangements, and contribute to the friendly atmosphere of the place. It attracted a lot of single women because of the music and ‘safe environment’. The owner was also the featured singer and sounded like a replica of Neil Diamond. I got to know and be known by many of the regular customers who depended on me to ensure their ‘safety’ while they enjoyed the music. I believe that after a few months there, my reputation was contributing to the popularity of the club, attracting many new customers, mainly single women, as well as long time regular singles and couples. I was introduced to some of the ‘special’ regular customers who were friends of the owner/performer, and on several occasions was asked to stay after hours to dance with some of his very special friends.

One night a couple of clearly underage girls arrived and I did not allow them to come in, thinking that I was doing my job and showing loyalty to the owner in protecting him from any legal problems.

After work the very next day, the owner asked to see me at the end of the night. He fired me on the spot…(unbeknownst to me, those young girls were daughters of some his very special friends who were at the club the previous night.) I was not given any choice or opportunity to defend my actions. How was I supposed to know that these young girls were special guests?

I lost my job, my only source of income at the time, when all I was doing was my job, looking after the best interests of the owner and his club. I got screwed! Don’t you agree?



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One response to “When I Got Fired as Maitre De at Rene’s Supper Club

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  1. I agree with AJ’s comment, you have to wonder why the owner wouldn’t be happy that you were looking out for him and following state regs about minors in an establishment that served alcohol. I hope you filed an unemployment claim against this employer. This could not be classified as “gross misconduct” and in some states he would not only have to pay you unemployment, but could have been fined for an unwarranted termination. I know it had to be upsetting and confusing to do what you are suppose to and then get fired for it.

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