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I. What this blog IS intended to be…

  1. A serious endeavor, a Place for Self-Healing,with the prospect of a book resulting from “Our contributions”. (If a book should result, the proceeds will be donated to an appropriate charity.)
  2. For ALL of  YOU who wish/choose to participate.
  3. A place to share, from the heart, with ‘netiquette’, non-attribution (no names of anyone unless you have permission), etc. observed and agreed upon by all who participate. This could include stories from your journal if you keep one
  4. It does not preclude your sharing a humorous victim story; in fact that is encouraged.
  6. A safe place to share your stories without judgement or needing advice; a place where you will be heard and people will listen and learn from your experience.
  7. *Since this is a blog, not a Wiki, if you want to contribute your own stories (I hope you will), then you must send me an e-mail request (djrfla@gmail.com) and I will make you a ‘contributor’. Then you will be able to ‘post’ as well as ‘comment.  I really do want you to become a contributor, for that is the primary purpose of this site, to share our victim stories.

What this blog IS NOT intended to be…

  1. A pity party
  2. A place “to commiserate and indulge in others stories
  3. A place to wallow and get stuck in your story and others’
  4. A place to cast judgements or give advice (even if well-intended): THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

What you can expect from me; what I expect from you:

  1. Mutual respect for all who contribute
  2. Casting judgments or giving advice will not be tolerated, even if the ‘advice’ is well intended. No one is broken and hence, coming here to post their story does not mean that they need to be fixed, only HEARD!
  3. I/we are here to listen and learn and be supportive. NO JUDGEMENTS; NO ADVICE please!

How the blog works:

  1. If you want to comment on an existing post, you can select from the Recent Post list that is in the column on the left of the page. If you click that link, it will take you to the post. Simply click on the title of the post, and you will find a comment box. Alternatively, you may find the posts by clicking on the Blog Posts tab.
  2. If you are a contributor and want to make a new post, simply click the New Post button on the right side of the toolbar (upper right corner), and you can instantly start a new post with the editor that slides down from the top of the screen: You can preview your post, edit it, and then publish it. It will appear in the blog subject to my approval.
  3. I look forward to your participation and contributions.
  4. To return to the Home Page from anywhere in the blog, just click on the title in white letters in the banner at the top.

II. About me, your host

A native Floridian (Pensacola, home of the Blue Angels and one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world)

    • a natural, innovative, dynamic teacher/coach, committed to facilitating learning
    • former Senior Scientist at the National Cancer Institute, NIH;
    • distance learning course developer and instructor
    • father of two great children who are my best friends, and have blessed me with four incredible granddaughters.
  • “I enjoy the challenge of identifying and applying newer technologies to create a fun playground/sandbox for my students to learn and grow in”…”using the online environment to find more effective ways to put the content in the most useful and easily accessible form, making the learning experience enjoyable”; “My students probably do more work in my courses than they might otherwise in a classroom version, and I want them to enjoy the experience while they learn, and learn how to learn.”
  • “I am fascinated, as well as frustrated at times, by the many challenges of this journey called ‘life’…and offer this blog as another road to self-healing and creating community.

Recommended reading if you’re feeling stuck in your victim story:  ‘The Meaning of Liff’  by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd


Posted February 19, 2012 by djrnfla

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